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Guillaume Apollinaire - "Calligrammes", ("La Colombe poignardée et le jet d'eau") 1913-1916

Calligrammes, subtitled Poems of war and peace 1913-1916, is a collection of poems by Guillaume Appolinaire

Calligrammes, guillaume apollinaire

calligrammes, guillaume apollinaire

Sainte Marguerite et le dragon by renzodionigi.


Guillaume Apollinaire, calligramme, extrait du poème du 9 février 1915, (poèmes à Lou).

Henri de Ferrières, Les Livres du roy Modus et de la royne Ratio 314 by peacay, via Flickr

Pierre Choque, Commémoration de la mort d’Anne, reine de France, duchesse de Bretagne, Paris; c. 1514-1515

Illuminated Letters

you are a gift by shelley lane.

Doodle font! whimsical!

Landscape alphabet, L.E.M. Jones - lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual ar...

inks and nibs

The first letter is a pioneer act. It is like the first word of a child or the first step on a journey. Writers knew and so they payed special attention to it´s styling. I think drawing the first letter of your copy by hand will prevent you from writing profanities. #Calligraphy #Art

Illuminated lettering produced in the 8th century

Henri de Ferrières, Les Livres du roy Modus et de la royne Ratio 109 by peacay, via Flickr

Flaubert, Trois Contes. La Légende de saint Julien l'Hospitalier

Paper Collage, The Swan, Swan Art, Nature Collage, Bird Art, Original Artwork, 9X12. $95.00, via Etsy.

Vertical Penmanship

lettering for manuscripts #monogram