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    Please DON'T go to sea world to see Orcas. sea world abuses them really relaly bad and they have horrible lives. watch Black Fish on DVD. you'll see what I mean.

    when I was a kid I used to wish I had been born as a dolphin so i could swim around all day

    Flame Jellyfish <-- gasp. I want a salt water fish tank just so i can have Jelly Fish in it! #Dream

    Jellyfish. Perfect example of fractals occurring in the natural world

    Bell Jellyfish at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, California by Peter Csanadi

    Let Mother Nature dictate their fate, not their captivity for the gains of a corporate giant. Orcas. Killer whale. Largest in the dolphin family. Mammal. Sentient being. Captivity kills. No more captive breeding! Empty the tanks. Pledge not to go to a marine park! Get the facts!

    Resting at the surface may last for a few moments or for quite long periods of time, even hours. It often seems as if one member of the group will remain more attentive then the rest. Sometimes the young calves have difficulty remaining as still as the adults. After a while the frequency of the short calls increases until finally one whale gives a louder “wake up” call. Then the activity within the group will pick up and the group will travel onwards, rest over.