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"I create copper rings and pendants from my home studio, utilizing raw gemstones and minerals. To make my wearable, modern specimens, I use electroforming, which is the process of controlling a metal deposit onto a conductive surface. This process allows me to explore opportunities that may not be feasible with traditional metal-working techniques."

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Mineral and Fossil Specimen with Box - Our Mineral Specimen Box is glass topped kiri wood that is lined with linen and showcase exceptional fossil and mineral specimens from across the globe. Varieties may differ from what is shown but include Gypsum, Blue Celestite, Amethyst, pyrite and more. Ideal for the amateur collector, these stunning boxes are fantastic for a study or home library bookshelf.


Smithsonite from Greece by Watzl Minerals

Cozy Yogi: She's someone who takes time to connect with herself, whether it's on the mat in the studio or in the comfort of her own home—rest & rejuvenation are just as important for her body as they are for her mind.



Carly Waito - oil painting. This reminds me of you, @Mallory Cowan !!

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Pyritized Rose Quartz I need this. And, @Regina Minerich http://www.earthlyrocks.com/info-metaphysical.htm

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A rare Martian meteorite recently found in Morocco contains minerals with 10 times more water than previously discovered Mars meteorites, a finding that raises new questions about when and how long the planet most like Earth in the solar system had conditions suitable for life.

Fossil stones collection by SoulMakes

Aquamarine and Schorl on Clevelandite, Shigar, N. Areas, Pakistan.