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    I'd never do it, but girls with dreads are so effing cute. I don't care if you disagree. Maybe I'll just get one..

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    "How is this possible?" Ben whispered in astonishment as the girl on the couch gave us an annoyed look. "When you last went into the dream world, you must have left the gateway in your mind open. This young lady escaped and materialized outside your mind." Elijah grunted as he flipped through the pages. "I'm hungry," the girl called and Ben eyed me. "Great! What does a creature that escaped from the dream world eat?" He whispered and the girl stood. "I like cheese." She offered and Ben stifled a laugh. "I guess dream creature eat cheese."

    Everytime I see beautiful girls with dread locks, I want dreds more and more. One day...

    Dreadlocks Updo. #hair #dreads

    Lovely ! I'm in love with how beautiful these dreads are, shows you that if you take care of your locs they will grow

    The Perfect Dread Head ~*~ I would love this hair.why don't I have this hair.maybe I just might.i might.

    dreadheads-messybeds: You are such a lovely little pixie :)

    Dreads. if I could pull them off...I am so in love with them. dreads on blonde girls..perfect!


    When my hair is long again...the dreads are gonna come backk!


    girls with dreads// not really a dreads type person but I just love the picture in it's self

    this girls gorgeous. wish i could get my hair that long to dread it.



    Carmen Martinez That's a lot of hair! Very pretty and the style looks great on her!

    finally! someone woh can style their dreds. so cute.