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It's not even okay how hard I laughed at this.

Dorquisha the explorer. Yo, where dat map be? I literally just laughed for 10 minutes, my stomach hurts Burck you need to see this, you will die. I seriously can't stop laughing.

I Hate These Messages

Funny pictures about Dealing with Spammers. Oh, and cool pics about Dealing with Spammers. Also, Dealing with Spammers.

Funny kid

Funny pictures about Patty cake. Oh, and cool pics about Patty cake. Also, Patty cake.

There IS an "I" in Team! i love the smart ass who found this!

I KNEW it! I just knew it. And they said there was no "I" in team.


Guy Takes A Bathroom Selfie, Gets Owned By His Entire Family…

A family's youngest son tried to take a handsome selfie. His entire family made fun of him online. He didn't TRY to take a handsome selfie- He DID!

Omg shield your eyes!!!!!

Funny pictures about Awkward moment with my dad. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward moment with my dad. Also, Awkward moment with my dad.

Jenna Marbles just gets me (23 photos)

"maybe I should start jogging :/" . "hahaha I'm not gonna start jogging xD" -Jenna marbles