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Champion Doberman show dog and therapy dog: Puppy Detects Owner's Breast Cancer, Is Officially Woman's Best Friend

White Albino Doberman.

500px / Photo "Scoob" by Oszkár Dániel Gáti - reminds me of my German Shepard when I was a kid.

Orpheus by Lényfotó on 500px/ beautiful Doberman!

Doberman Pinscher Training http://tipsfordogs.info/ #Doberman #Pinscher

Belgian Groenendael - beautiful!

handsome doberman


#Doberman #Pinscher

Beautiful! Look at those eyes.

Doberman Pinschers- all the colors but albino



Great Dane Puppy <3

Solid black German Shepard -- wow


Siberian Husky

So much like mine when she was younger. The Doberman is a challenge and a treasure. Loyal but independent, sweet to the core but there is an occasional twinkle of "I can take care of it Dad, just want you to know that."

Airplane Ears! Every doberman owner knows this look!