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Newfoundland puppy - isn't it just adorable??

Platinum Newfoundland / a newfoundland completed the entire Lewis & Clark Expedition (over 8,000 miles).... s/he's beautiful! I need this dog.

Love the Kloofbear Newfoundlands

I don't know exactly why or how I got obsessed with Newfies, but I know that when I marry rich & buy a humongous ranch, I'm getting one.

Taking a leisurely walk to find his big squeaker. #dogs #pets #NewFoundlands

Newfoundland...looks like a bear. Best tempered dogs!♥-tiny lapdog, trapped in a big dog's body

Newfoundland dog... typical resting pose, always in the yard in the sun, baking her brain.

Coast guard dog. The Newfoundland (Newfie) is a gentle breed who works in water rescue. They have webbed toes!