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I will probably feel this way all my life. even though I was born in 1990. More like I feel the 90s were ten years ago

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Sometimes I wish I was bird

even thought I'll be a bird, does it make me a bad person if I wish for this to happen to some people?!


Insanity in my family…

true.... true. :-)

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I couldn't control my laughter



Lego Holiday Card Set of 6

Can't we all relate to these Lego Holiday Cards? <3 Set of 6. $18

Another one that had me laughing.

The funny thing is; I pinned this off of my best friend

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Unsatisfied...Can I get my time back?

Yep... ;)

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You're wrong

haha my motto for life at the moment

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Congratulations! You're safe!

Don't worry about the zombie invasion zombies eat brains... you're safe.

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The most dangerous game


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Girls now and then

yes ma'am