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Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles by Blavatskaya. More amazing vampire stuff here...

Updated 09/01/2015      Every vampire fan should be well aware of White Wolf's seminal role-playing game system, Vampire; which effectively collates and categorizes every bit of vampire lore... READ MORE

Jack o' Lantern. Stingy Jack. Read about Halloween

©Shaun Stroup. Find more at

John Constantine - meet him here

Dracula Wallpaper by Avelina De Mornay. Follow the link to Lily's award-winning webzine and blog... Catch up with Maleficent! Latest trailer and pics...

Pontypool. View trailer

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Lego Frankenstein by Xenomurphy. See more at The Year's Best Blog Posts

Cumberbatch Is Sauron.

Samhain ~ The Beginner's Guide To The Wheel Of The Year. The origins of Halloween...

Count Blockula. More scary lego...

Lego Skull by Monsterbrick. See more

Best Halloween gif. EVER.

Requiem Vampire Knight ©Olivier Ledroit. See more...

The Vampyre. Illustration from The Folio Society Edition. Read the review

Anno Dracula Book Series by Kim Newman. Reviews at

Vampyre ©antikrist.

Nosferatu, Zach Bellissimo.

Tim Burton-Style Pokémon. See more at

©Woody Welch.

Frankenstein's Monster Concept ©schillingsart. Celebrating Samhain all year round at Drop by for blog posts, more art and exclusive content. Send Lily Wight a Facebook friend request and find Lily_Wight on Twitter. Tags: Deviant Art