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    Doctor Who Trivia

    Desi-TARDIS makes every movie better…agreed!


    The doctor was totally responsible.

    I am both a Dr Seuss and Dr Who fan. This makes me giggle.<< yet again it is Doctor Who. Am I gonna have to do this to every pin

    Holy TARDIS of Gallifrey!!!


    I'm such a nerd. This made me super happy


    Time Lord Defense. Heck Yeah!

    "Never apply logic to Who." -Matt Smith.

    AH! MINION DOCTOR! What do I do with my life right now?!

    { Doctor Who } Gallifrey

    Disney Who

    "The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who." -- Steven Spielberg

    Professor River Song... Archaeologist. Ah! When the Doctor meets River and says good bye! Wonderful episodes!

    TARDIS over the years.

    Lol awesome

    Doctor Who Timeline. A bit wibbly wobbly.

    Every companion is fantastic.