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    Three lenses every photographer should own.

    This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.

    The Importance of a Lens Hood. Think I'm going to invest in one for sure after reading this.

    when to use which lens

    What is maximum aperture? Which lenses go widest (and why it matters)

    Best Lenses for Landscape Photography - Most of us, whether we shoot nature, landscape, or any other subject, simply do our best with the equipment that we have, #photography #travel #blog #lens

    6 Simple Techniques to Help Avoid Camera Shake

    ISO cheat sheet

    i love using this lens when out and about...need to do it more often.

    Very helpful explanation of the different types of lens and examples of the type of photograph they are used for

    Learn to get perfect focus every time. You'll get sharpener pictures one you learn how to apply these easy-to-follow techniques.

    how to clean your lens, the right way #photography tips

    100 Things About Photography 1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer. 2. Always shoot in RAW. Always. 3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer. ...

    What Settings Should I Use

    {Camera Tip} Learn Methods of Focus for Sharp Images {via}

    dslr lenses- get to know all about telephoto, prime lenses, wide angle and kit lenses! Which to use for faces, which to use for places, and ...

    cheat sheet for night photography!

    Photography Cheat Sheet: what your camera captures at every lens' focal length

    New Caniam SLR Camera Lens Cup 24-105mm 1:1 Scale Plastic Coffee Tea Cup MUG 400ML Creative Cups And Mugs M102 MUG-09

    Awesome cheat sheet