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I love this fridge. Reminds me of the one my great grandpa and grandma had on their rice farm in crawley, LA.

Retro style fridge. The original models from 'back then' are bad on power etc by today's standards (I believe). I love the STYLE though!

Walk-in pantry that looks built-in! If I could have this and the walk-in icebox from Home Improvement, I'd be set!

I guess these are technically appliances rather than furniture, but whatever. Vintage-style fridges in delicious colors!! I didn't know you could have non-ugly fridges. #kitchen

LOVE the vintage refrigerator, how hard is it to find one of these? How hard is it to keep it in working order? I think what really makes this work is that the rest of the kitchen is so clean and white, it's not overdone vintage.

Smeg refrigerator, love the pendent!!! and colors.

Amazing modern fridges made to look like 1950's models!! They even have matching vintage stoves/ovens, and panels for the front of your dishwasher!!

This guide is about painting a refrigerator. Sometimes remodeling involves changing the color of your refrigerator.

I love the cupboard and the setup on top! Would be perfect for the empty space in my living room! Little by little - Stylizimo blog

vintage appliances by popcornfeet, via Flickr