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  • Helen Cadden

    Elizabeth Murphy (left) was sentenced to 5 years hard labour for stealing an umbrella and Mary Richards was jailed for 5 years for stealing 130 oysters. Harsh justice in Victorian times!

  • Pauline Angelusnoir

    Victorian women criminals records show harsh justice of 19th century

  • David Wallace

    Victorian justice records which show how the harsh punishments were given to women criminals – such as five years in jail for stealing one rasher of bacon – have been published online for the first time.

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No Irish Need Apply Circa 1850

in the early 1950s programs were started to issue dog-tags to children. There was concern that in the event of a surprise atomic attack it would be difficult to identify the millions of children killed while at school. I even had an ID bracelet in the 70's.

"Blizzard of 1978" - [A web-photo of the highway south of Boston, Massachusetts after the Great Blizzard of 1978. It began in the area on February 6 1978]~[Photo courtesy of italiangerry (Gerry D.) - February 8 2008]'h4d'121019

Bobby Fischer plays Mark Taimanov in the last game of the Vancouver match, 1 July, 1971.

'I never lost hope': Startling interview unearthed with woman behind iconic Great Depression image talking just five years before her death in 1983. FLORENCE LEONA THOMPSON Migrant Mother – A Legend of the Strength of American Motherhood.'

1981. Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero Molina orders everyone to remain seated and be quiet after armed Guardia Civil soldiers stormed the Assembly Hall of the Spanish Parliament. Three hundred deputies and cabinet members were in session to vote upon the succession of premier Suarez. They were released next morning after having been held hostage for almost 18 hours; the coup was a failure. (Manuel Pérez Barriopedro)

A Turkish woman mourns her dead husband, a victim of the Greek-Turkish civil war. (Don McCullin) 1964

A right-wing student in Japan assassinates Inejiro Asanuma, Socialist Party Chairman, during his speech at the Hibiya Hall. (Yasushi Nagao) 1960

1960. A right-wing student in Japan assassinates Inejiro Asanuma, Socialist Party Chairman, during his speech at the Hibiya Hall. (Yasushi Nagao)

'ferry on the mississippi river' (1964)

These two men had the same name, were sentenced to the same prison and look like twins. However, they were not related but are the reason that fingerprints are now used when fighting crime. (quote from CDAN)

Jesse Owens, the most successful athlete at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Chicago on Fire! Broadside, October 9, 1871. The Great Chicago Fire.

On 5 April, Lord Carnarvon died from a mosquito Cairo.[10] This led to the story of the "Curse of Tutankhamun", the "Mummy's Curse". His death is most probably explained by blood poisoning (progressing to pneumonia) after accidentally shaving a mosquito bite infected with erysipelas. Carnarvon's tomb, appropriately for an archaeologist, is located within an ancient hill fort overlooking his family seat at Beacon Hill, Burghclere, Hampshire.[11]

1900. China. Boxer Rebellion takes its name from the term foreigners used to designate the members of the secret society known as the Righteous and Harmonius Fists.

Mrs. King and her four children flew from Memphis back to Atlanta with Dr. King’s body for burial. As Dr. King’s body was being taken from the plane, there was just a moment when the family came together in the doorway. - by Harry Benson

The Statue of Freedom just prior to be hoisted atop the Capitiol Dome. She is made of bronze.

The Kennedy family leave the funeral of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Ham the chimp returns to Earth following his historic 16 minute space flight in 1961.

Tylenol Cyanide Scare~"The murders occurred when seven people died after taking pain-relief medicine capsules that had been poisoned. The poisonings, code-named TYMURS by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, took place in late 1982 in Chicago. The case remains unsolved and no suspects have been charged. A $100,000 reward offered by Johnson Johnson, parent company of Tylenol maker McNeil Laboratories, for the capture and conviction of the "Tylenol Killer" has never been claimed.

Rhona and Rhoda Wurtele born in 1922 in St.Lambert, Quebec.They were Canada's first official women's Olympic alpine ski team and competed in Canada and the United States from 1942 to 1948 representing the Penguin Ski Club. WW II caused the cancellation of two Olympics in a row and the twins were finally able to compete at the 1948 Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The two of them made up the entire Women’s Alpine Team, but accidents during training and trials meant both left without medals.

Berlin Wall. A little girl chisels away at the Berlin Wall from the east side on New Year's Eve, 31st December 1989. (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Completing the transcontinental phone line, Wendover, Utah, 1914

Predictions Of What 2011 Would Be Like From A 1911 Newspaper