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  • Nicole

    Can't wait for the fruit from our cherry, peach, and plum trees this summer!! #fruit scones #smoothies & #salads

  • Dodi Smith

    Coral Champagne Cherry Tree - Sweet Cherry Trees | Tart Cherry Trees | Low Chill Cherries - Willis Orchard Company

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Cherry Hand Pies. By now you have certainly realized that I have a serious cherry addiction. From Frozen Cherry Mojitos to Homemade Cherry Pie Filling, I’ve tried to make the most of this delicious summer fruit.

The Coral Champagne Cherry Tree is another relatively new and outstanding sweet cherry for milder Winter areas of the South. It has very large, red, super sweet fruit that some say is superior to Bing. The flesh is firm but juicy and has a pretty coral pink color. It's perfect for kids to pick fruit from because the tree typically grows smaller and more compact than most other varieties. Coral Champagne requires only 400 chilling hours to product an abundant crop of luscious, sweet cherries. Gro

cherry tree

Cherries...can't wait for them this summer! I could eat and eat and eat em:)

Is this enough cherries for a few hours? Probably Not.

Cherries. They're everywhere.... and on the first card she ever gave me.

My unstoppable craving for cherries during my first pregnancy ...