OK, THIS is the one I want!!!

Tiny doesn't have to mean minimalist! Caravan ~ Vardo ~ Wagon: interior

Gypsy styke

stage....maybe we could use stencils to create this, on old wood and coloured backgrounds

gypsy wagon

Dream caravan gypsy style home. BBC Boracay says: " WoW - a rolling hippie dream on it's way to freedom and adventure...."

inspired by Eclectic gipsyland's photo set "Roulottes" on flickr. Jeanne Bayol, pictured above has carved out her own unique niche in restoring old gypsy caravans and decorating them like no other. Her Caravans are for sale at les verdines. Be sure to check out her website and book: "Les Roulottes : Une invitation au voyage"

Gypsy Caravan

Types of Gypsy Vardo.

Gypsy Wagon

Scorpion chair

gypsy wagon

Gypsy Wagons

Gypsy Wagon Home – With Plans

bicycle gypsy wagon

traditional gypsy

Gypsy Wagon

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: Gypsy wagons.

Gypsy Caravan, Elaine123

gypsy caravan

Gypsy style