shape lacing cards

Shape Turkey ~ Simple toddler activity that helps with shape recognition

Shape writing; Love this for Geometry! The Shape of Things - A ______ (shape) is just a ______ until you add _______ and it becomes a _________.

Waldorf Wind Wand (Elle Keeps Moving)

Montessori-Inspired Toddler Color and Shape Mat Game



for 2 year olds, Instead of matching identical cards, match the plastic animal to the similar card-- how We Montessori

Magnetic Pom Poms

Popsicle Stick Shapes Activity - Teaching Shapes - Moms Have Questions Too

DIY Lacing Cards

Alphabet Lacing Cards

Pre-k activities - scroll down the page to see them


Montessori Shape Tray Activities. Learning shapes' numbered sides.

Part 4 of our "Make Like a Montessori Mama" Series - Shape Activities

building shapes with cotton swabs - a shape recognition, math/geometry and fine motor activity that's perfect for preschoolers

File folder games - ok, this looks way more doable to me, the non-sewer, than a felt book. This I can handle!

KELS MK 2.1 3.2 Toddler Preschool - This shape sorting game is excellent for shape recognition. It can also be done with number, shapes, etc.

Montessori Fall Activity