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    Even when I lived up north I saw far too many of these and I don't understand the thinking at all.

    Very sad!

    Surveillance Under the Patriot Act

    Sad, but it's the truth.

    The world is a sad place to live in…the last slide! That has been taught, thanks to a certain book that so many (in the USA) read, believe and take as fact. Disgusting.

    The American people love Israel! Our government no longer represents the American people.

    Signs now popping up in Indianapolis just in time for the final Four as reported by local sources @RiskyLiberal

    It's sad that so many people don't understand this.


    Republican boehner

    Tea Partier waves a Confederate battle flag and U.S. Marines flag in front of the home of our black President.

    Racist bigot

    If Your Not Outraged Then You're Probably Economically Illiterate.


    Republican Ted Cruz


    All I see when I see a confederate flag is a poor loser.

    I am 10x more offended by the abysmal grammar in this pin than by the stupidity of what it is trying to say, actually.

    I am not a rocket scientist but if you use the exact same economic advisors as your brother won't you get the same results?


    Think anyone but us will get it? Oh wait Ted Cruz is white. So no, they won't get it.