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Thinking about what I should write next

Jackie Collins with her sister

Thinking about being a writer!!!

Jackie Collins with brother Bill

Jackie Collins with Roger Moore

Jackie's dog, Candy

Jackie Collins and George Clooney

I used to devour Jackie Collins novels as a teen, lounging by the pool with my headphones on. Her books are still good for a laugh.

An early interview with JLo for Jackie Collins Hollywood on CBS

JACKIE writing her first book!!!

"Jackie Collins never fails to entertain. If you have even the slightest taste for the tabloids, it's sure fun to read." -- Booklist

Jackie <3

Jackie's hippie phase….

Thinking about creating #LUCKY!!!!

Jackie Collins

And I'm still writing in longhand!!

Just before my first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson


Another little black dress

It's always Lucky's way. The Santangelos debuting June 16.

just Jackie Collins looking fabulous