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  • Grace Wilson

    It's the little things. Like the four year old who wants to play with you and hug and kiss you. It doesn't last forever. Spend every second with them you can possibly spare.

  • Breeanna McCook

    I live that hug(:

  • Rachael Doyle

    So true after so much time apart :)

  • Madison Nehrkorn

    One of my favorite things now

  • Matt Smith

    No matter how much or little time has passed...that feeling of needing to hold you as tight as I can and to never let go. Every time.

  • Lauren Wolfmeyer

    Long Distance Relationships <3

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I love it when I hug someone, and just when I'm about to let go, they hug me even tighter.... ♥ right before you get ready to leave or when you hug me for the first time back from being so far away...

And thus ensued marshmallow murals, glitter in hair, watching the stars, faces on trees, and every lovable little thing they could think of, because really, who's to stop them.

The only thing I love about the military sometimes. When I see him for the first time in months I feel like I fall in love with him again it's as if someone hit the refresh button on our relationship and I see why I love him so much and somehow I love him more each time. 💏❤😍

I will be seeing you soon & it will be better than anything else #quotes #love #romance

There's no better feeling than running in to their arms and getting that first hug ♥

Considering I just spent over 300 dollars... yeah I normally would have just put a $ with the 300 but it put an obnoxious bar across the picture.

When my sister and I are together, we basically speak exclusively on movie quotes.

I love those moments when he sneaks up behind me in the kitchen! ♥

Jack quote, Will and Grace, I don't want to be an adult anymore. This is how I feel sometimes.