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You do you. End of story.

How true.

"Maturity doesn't mean age. It means sensitivity, manners and how you react." So true! I knew a young girl who reacted calmly, with admirable manners, had great sensitivity towards other children and was very mature as well as responsible. I know an old man who is definitely immature, insensitive to many, rude and reacts in a hostile manner to many normal everyday occurrences.

Cutest saying, great for in the kitchen or the bathroom, stencils or vinyl lettering, large or small boards, this could be done on the cheap as well, and so funny... I love it! YOu could class it up, but shabby chic or rustic is so much more my taste.... distress it... oh yes!

start doing

Oh wow! How true

Best path when things get rough.

a true friend.

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