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Salisbury, MD - Poplar Hill Mansion - Haunted Places

There is a place in New Jersey filled with a great and mysterious force so bone chilling that even the history of the place before it was visited by spirits is disturbing.  Blairsden Mansion is famous not only for the macabre massacre that took place there in its distant past, but for the multiple ghost sightings...

The McPike Mansion is listed as one of the most historic and haunted places in America...a.k.a. the Scooby House.

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Athens, Ohio is home to Ohio University and also listed as the 13th most haunted place in the world and featured in an episode of FOX's "Scariest Places on Earth." Legend has it, it's also home to hundreds of restless spirits like Margaret Schilling, patient found dead by a maintenance man. Read her story and others. #WizzleyWednesday #ghoststories #Halloween

Blairsden Mansion in Peapack, NJ is most popular for its legend of the mass murder of the nuns that used to live there, and their ghosts that haunt the grounds to this very day.

The Oliver Family Mansion, Chester, Pennsylvania. The Oliver family went missing in 1898, a mystery that baffled investigators. The family was never found, but locals say they can sometimes see the Olivers in the windows of the mansion.

Haunted Place - The Morgan House

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Trans-Allegheny Morgue  There have been numerous hauntings in this particular haunted hospital. Many have said that they have seen individuals walking in the corridors and standing in various locations in the facility. Then, there are the cases of spirits who seem to be screaming in pain.

A few miles south of Nebraska City, Nebraska there lies a group of hills that is subject of one of the most gruesome haunted legends known in the state. It is said that there spirits of seven sisters who still haunt what remains of the hills today. Read the full story>>


Bell Farm - The Oldest Known Haunted Place in the USA

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Real Haunted Places In Michigan | The Haunted House

Rocky Hill Castle is a historic plantation home in Courtland, Alabama. Built in the 1820's, but when the Civil War broke out it was used by Confederates as a hospital. Some say that the spirits of Civil War soldiers and tortured slaves haunt the premises, as well as the mysterious 'lady in blue'.

The Hoosac Tunnel, a railroad tunnel beneath the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts, is said to be one of the most haunted places in New England. It was an engineering marvel of its age, completed in 1875, and nearly five miles in length. Yet, it would cost 195 lives in various fires, explosions, and tunnel collapses, hence earning its name among the crew at the Bloody Pit. It has been the scene ever since of hauntings . . . and even murder.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia - The 20 Most Haunted Places in the U.S. and U.K.

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Estes Parks Stanley Hotel, Colorado. The most acclaimed haunted place in America.

Haunted places in Kentucky -Chambers Road House