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  • Keesha Brown

    Use empty soda boxes to store soup cans. Food storage idea for rotating foods without spending a lot for those fancy can organizers.

  • Kayla Scarlett

    This is amazing! Pantry storage from a soda box!

  • Sue Sturos

    "Soup"er storage idea. Genius! Take your old pop can 12 packs and viola! Sweet!!!

  • Shannon Cooper

    Canned food organizer from a soft drink box. --- great idea !

  • Jessica Oliverson

    Canned food organizer from 12 pack soda box. Brilliant! Great idea for food storage!

  • Jenny M.

    Canned food organizer from 12 pack soda box. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to stop drinking that DIet Coke...

  • Samantha Frace

    Soda box storage idea = pantry organizer

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Use a magazine rack ($3-$4 at Walmart) ...tip it on its' side and put your pantry cans in it !! Brilliant !!

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Great idea for cans - now I just need a pantry! Seriously. How much do you think all of those cannisters cost? I'm thinking 500 dollars?

I love when inspiration strikes.... visual: my daughter's room is overflowing with small stuffed animals. Wall of these cans. Each one a tiny home for a plush friend. Fun, convenient, and she might actually keep her room clean!

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Flip wire shelves upside down for cans. brilliant. How did it take until 2014 for me to see this!

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