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Daybreak on a cold winter morning. So pretty! I want to take a picture of such a place one day!

Winter scene

Winter - It's Written on the Wall: Do you Have Christmas Snow Yet? If Not Enjoy these Snow Photos

Winter cabin - I want to be there, like NOW!

hermitguides: Emerald Lake Lodge, Canada (via Winter Wonderland (photography) / Emerald Lake Lodge in Canadian Rocky Mountain) Dream.

Morning sunrise

Thank god I'm a country girl: Love Life Country Countryside Sunsets Sunrise Farm Clouds Stunning Landscape ~B


Remember when Joli and I were little and trucking through the hills to find the perfect Christmas tree with you and dad. magicalnaturetour: Ottawa Ontario Canada March 2011 — Winter Scenes 112 (by dugspr — Home for Good)

Love the reflection of flowers and leaves in the water

reflection / the literal mirror image of an object on a surface and also the more conceptual idea of balancing elements within a design. Or let go and feel the beauty of this image.

How Contented Are Life Letter Readers?    More Contented . .  Than A Scintillating Solitary Sunrise by the Seashore . .     Find Your Contentment At:    http://pinterest.com/lifelettercafe/contented/


'I'm watchin' the sun rise over the ocean, Sunrise on the sea. I'm watchin' the sun rise, I'm glad to be living. Sunrise, shine over me.