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In my dream scenario, I have a boyfriend (hey, I said it was a dream) and I'm all like, Honey please, I want a dog, and he's all like, no Babe, it's a big responsibility. And I'm like, sad but resigned. And then one day, I come home and maybe it's Christmas, it doesn't have to be, and I open up a box, and it's THIS DOG. #dayinthelife

PHOTOS: 40 Cute Animals

40 Pictures Of Cute Animals It's official: looking at pictures of cute animals is good for you - and your work. According to the Wall Street Journal, researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan have found that photos of kittens, puppies and the like don't just make us feel better - they also help us to concentrate.

Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm hoping you don't find my blog obnoxious. Here, you'll find everything that tickles my fancy, from food to the stars to the worst puns you'll ever hear to some really really bad self-written poetry. Talk to me! I swear I don't bite.