Put a shelf over a window and use the shelf brackets to hold a curtain rod. Love Irish shelves and love this idea.

shelf over window

Creative ideas to make your own curtains AND curtain rods! SO many inspiring ideas!

Corner shelves, I love how You can but a small corner in a really good use. I dont like a shelf facing only one side in a position like this and tall self would eat up the air around it, so I looooove it!

Door shelf

place a shelf over the window to hold the curtain rod; leaves you room for placing decor and makes it an interesting take on the normal curtain rod

kitchen island~old windows...

Sheer swag panels

Over window shelf with curtain rod; this is exactly what I want to do!

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SMART TIP: tutorial on creating a template for hanging curtain rods the same height/distance every time...no more measuring and leveling over and over! Freaking GENIUS!!

Shower curtain rod

Install a shelf and brackets over the bathroom door to put that out-of-the-way spot to good use: Keep towels or bulky items there to save space in closets and cabinets. Simple genius.

love the shelf

Curtain Headboard - but not so dark...

Love the idea of making a porch like another room of your house. I'd live out here in the summer..

Easy way to save money! Buy cheapie curtain rods and wrap! You could choose wire, suede laces, rolled leather, sating "rat tail" cording, even cheap embroidery floss. Lovely and cheap idea for something a little different.

gallery wall

beadboard ceiling diy

shelf from re-purposed headboard. What a nifty idea