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I would love my miyazaki sleeve to be like this, with some edits. The incorporation of traditional art could be included or not.

I was torn between pinning it onto this board or my "like" board. But I would totally hug this person. #totororocksmysocksoff

Instead of getting ink done...I think I'll just learn how to draw Totoro instead. (;

My neighbor Totoro -- tattoo!! I want this!! :D

totoro with a paint brush...cute idea having something holding a paintbrush

i'm not the kind to get a tatto, but if i was, this is the tattoo to get!

Oh man if I wouldnt feel like a big copy cat I would want to do this!

I know this pin is supposed to be about the tattoo, but I frickin want that t-shirt !

totoro, his underlings and soot sprites, which together form the trifecta of anime awesomeness.

Tonari no Totoro is my all time favorite Miyazaki film, and has been since I first saw it (before I can even remember!).  I couldn’t be happier with this piece.  :)