Sitting is Killing you.. Another reason why I said peace out.

When we eat matters. Infographic from Massive Health.

Bodyweight exercises

Is your Deodorant toxic.

American Sugar Consumption #Infographic

Sitting all day at your desk isn't good for you. If you can't get up a take a walk, a graphic from Desirable Body shows you some exercises you can do while at your desk.

An exercise routine you can do at the office

Your Office Job Is Killing You

KAM Appliances - 10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast Natural Pain-relievers from Mother Nature's medicine cabinet. 1. Dark Cherries 2. Ginger Root 3. Cold-water fish 4. Tahini 5. Turmeric 6. Aloe Juice 7. Papaya 8. Yogurt 9. Hot Peppers 10. Peppermint

A Lifetime of Medical Checkups: awesome infographic

Save the poster and print out to give to clients or take to an office chair massage event. Great info for everyone.


Natural Medicine

The 515 Chemicals Women Put on Their Bodies Every Day (Infographic)

Obesity Crisis

Duration approximately 4 Minutes. Sitting at a computer for long periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffness and occasionally lower back pain. Do these stretches every hour or so throughout the day, or whenever you feel stiff.

Why GMOs are Awful (Infographic)

Pineapple is the major source of bromelain. Bromelain has been used to reduce inflammation in arthritis, sinusitis, inflammatory bowel disease, sports injuries, trauma, burns, prostatitis, bruising, swelling & after surgery. It is effective in suppressing the growth of some cancer cells. Pineapple also aids in circulatory health & improvements in all breathing conditions. The tougher circle at the center has more concentrated bromelain than the surrounding tender fruit. #dherbs #healthtips

The color of your #pee says something about your #health. #urine #infographic via