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Alphabet Spoons-put upper case letter on white, lower case letter on clear then kids match!

Cute Idea for teaching Upper Case & Lower Case Letters. Capital letter on white spoon – Lower case letter on clear spoon – match them up Awesome!

Magic Spoon idea for cvc words - final letters on paper and first letter on a Magic Golden Spoon!  From Kindergarten With Love.

Magic spoon cvc practice of real and nonsense words--great for initial sound practice! Also use initial letter sheet and word family spoon.

Spring Literacy Center and Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Spring Literacy Center - Growing a Carrot Garden

This is a good idea for a kindergarten lesson plan because it is explaining to the students that the uppercase letter is the flower pot , and the lower case letter is the baby carrot that is growing out of the pot.

Match upper and lower case letters - One colored spoon and one clear along with a sharpie or two.   If you lose a piece - they are easy to replace!!    Great quiet activity to play at a restaurant too.

Lowercase to Uppercase spoon matching game. White spoon for uppercase, clear spoon overlays for lowercase

Learn Letters On The Go with this fun activity.

Paper plate letter activity- find letters, sight words, numbers in your surroundings and fold it down

ideas for teaching letters or shapes or words- have kids put clothespin on correct letter (could be done independently or in pairs)

Learning on the go- for the car trip/centers- write letters, shapes, or words on a paper plate edge and cut between each one. As they find the letters etc on signs or around town they get to fold it down.

Feed the alphabet monster kids activity #alphabet #preschool

17 Amazing Alphabet Activities & TGIF

Feed the Alphabet Monster activity (Toddlers & Preschoolers at had a lot of fun with this! I also added a healthy "food" picture that coincided with each letter to "feed the alphabet monster".

letter practice- i would do this in a box with a lid so it could be stored and reused

Had when i worked in a preschool and kids love them! I would use colored sand instead of white salt. DIY salt tray with alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter

2-INGREDIENT SNOW DOUGH - it's icy-cold just like real snow & so soft! A must try playtime for kids! #snowplayrecipe #snowdough #wintercraftsforkids

Snow Dough Recipe

SNOW DOUGH - it's icy-cold just like real snow & so soft! A must try playtime for kids! Snow Dough Recipe 1 cup of corn starch 1 cup of lotion Optional additions- Iridescent glitter and peppermint extract

Letter Pops - Students draw a craft stick from container. If they can name the letter or think of a word beginning with the letter, they keep the stick. The student with the most sticks wins the game.

Letter Pops: Use a set of magnetic letters and jumbo craft sticks. Glue a magnetic letter to each craft stick. Pass these out to the children to hold up as you sing alphabet songs, such as “Alphardy,” “Who Let the Letters Out?” “Letter Pops”, etc.

Great tactile & matching activity.  This would be a fun way to work on matching in your ABA program with a tactile craver! Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum pinterest.com/sensoryspectrum

Monday, February 2009 Letter Search For this activity I had this foam alphabet puzzle that I got for 88 cents at Walmart:) and a dish of rice. I popped out all the letters and mixed them in with the rice. I set this up in the sensory tub so Caden al

The order for teaching letter recognition, and why! Plus a ton of fun games and activities to have little ones learn the alphabet, letter sounds, and how to print in no time!

Teaching Letter Recognition - what order to introduce letters

I don't agree with the order for teaching letter recognition but there are some fabulous games to play to help promote letter recognition that are very simple to do.