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Curley - Crow Curley was a scout for Gen. George Custer and watched the 1876 Battle at the Little Big Horn from a periphery. He was described as a “remorse, taciturn sort of fellow and disinclined to make friends, and rarely talks or pays much attention to anyone.” He once said, “I spring from Crow earth and will never leave it. A teepee and food for my wife and child—grass for my ponies—and I go back to the ground of my fathers.” Fenn tells us this photo has never been published before.

Sitting Bull's 17 yr old son Crow Foot, lay down his life trying to stop his father from being arrested. Why was Sitting Bull arrested? In 1888 Sitting Bull rejected a new offer to sell Sioux land. The U.S. government became increasingly frustrated by his refusal to negotiate a deal and orders were given for his arrest. Deaths: Indian Police: 6 killed and 1 wounded. Sitting Bull's followers: 7 killed, including his adopted brother Jumping Bull and 3 wounded ..*