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    Little Chief - Arapaho - 1898

    Little Raven (aka Young Crow) - Arapaho - 1877

    Hiding Woman - Arapaho - 1898

    Black Coal - Northern Arapaho - 1877

    Black Crow - Arapaho - 1898

    Black Crow - Arapaho - 1872

    Little Bear – Arapaho – 1898

    Maun-gua-daus (aka Great Hero, aka George Henry) - Ojibwa - circa 1848

    Tall Wolf – Oglala – 1872

    San Juan, Mescalero Apache Chief. The last great chief of the Mescalero Apache, 1883. Beautiful patterns. Native American culture has a rich history that can be respectfully explored in the art room.

    An American Indian called Black Fox of the Arapaho Nation 1898.

    An American Indian known as Black Coyote Claw Necklace of the Arapaho Nation 1891.

    Crow King - Hunkpapa - 1881

    John Crow - Mniconjou - 1913

    Main-Ans (aka Little Wolf) - Ojibwa – 1908

    Big Wolf - Oglala – 1910

    Lone Wolf - Oglala – 1913

    No Bear

    Grandfather Bear.

    Hu-pe-tha (aka Standing Bear) - Omaha – 1883

    Ten Bears - Comanche "You said you wanted to put us on reservations; to build us houses. I do not want them. I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free & there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where everything drew a free breath. I lived like my fathers before me & like them I lived happily. So why ask us to leave the rivers, the sun, the wind ... and live in houses? The white man has the country that we loved, and we only wish to wander the prairie until we die."

    Roan Bear - Owohenupa – 1910

    Johnny Bear - Cree - 1905

    Gray Bear

    fox on the run