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(BH 1/2008) Creeping Phlox: Groundcover, cascading plant. Spring blooming. Evergreen spreading layers. Hardy zones 3-8. Full sun. Interplant with roses & shrubs using phlox as ground cover between bushes. Use phlox in patchwork design with other low perennials like perenial geranium. | AllTogetherChanin

(BH 9/2009) Lilacs & Peonies: Lilac 'Sensation' and Peony 'America' & 'Blitz Tort.' Plant Peonies with eyes 2 in deep, can divide roots every 3-4 yrs leaving 3-5 eyes per division, & cut dying foliage back to the ground in late fall. Lilacs need rejuvenation after blooming by pruning 1/3 of the thicker branches thicker than 1.5 in every 5 yrs, keep shrubs 6 ft or shorter, and unkempt & unpruned for decades can be trimmed down to 6 in to regrow and bloom in 2 yrs. | AllTogetherChanin

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My assistant coach in high school would deliver skor bars and a quote to my varsity team during class before every game. Such a great idea for sports on big game days.

basketball cupcake or cake. Perfect for my little sister that is now a basketball player.