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Truly, truly... I find nothing funnier than people tripping and falling. I can't help it. I think it's hilarious. I'll ask if he/she is I cackle loudly and inappropriately. Even kids. (Reason 12903 that I'll burn in hell.)

I love you with everything I have! Your my world! Everything I say to you I am completely honest about and I mean every word, Your my life and I never wanna be without you. I promise you, you're all I need and want, I know together we can face anything.

Keep Calm and Love Pigs -13X19 Poster-(Featured in Powder Pink) Buy 3 Get One Free keep calm art keep calm print

Amazing when you have someone (finally) who loves you for you and let's you be who you are. When that happens you want to make yourself better because of that love a love without conditions. Thank you honey for you're unconditional love.

This week we sat down with the lovely Almira from Atelier Lumira to learn a little more about the story of our latest brand in store - LUMIRA. The scents are heavenly and the passion Almira has for this product is uniquely special and endearing.