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    Numm Numm

    Aww so cute!

    Yeah, I get THAT look about a hundred times a day AND in triplicate! I think it looses something in the translation when you get a mouthful of fur! #justMY2cents

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh I've never seen anything cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wasn't me


    AWWW! Hahaha!

    This jumping pup. | The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

    Golden Retriever puppy

    This is hilarious….LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

    I'm dying from the cuteness!: Puppies, Animals, Sweet, Dogs, Teddybear, Teddy Bears, So Cute, Pet, Puppys

    I was jumping but I "felld" asleep - Funny dog looking like he fell asleep in the middle of the jump.

    Haha Love it!

    You ARE my baby!

    my cat does this


    Aww . . . i love him!


    Aww!! It's interesting how dogs can do the greatest guilt trips.