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Child is ‘stuck in’ phone…

I'm laughing so hard!!!

I think every woman can relate to this :)


Making great progress!

Correio :: Caixa de Entrada: [Possivel SPAM] Fresh Pins for you!

My life is over. This is so sad!!! I feel terrible for the cloud, it's just trying to be nice and instead it kills him! :'(


Glorious moment

It IS a glorious moment.


Nursing home dresses senior citizens up in famous classic movie roles for calendar…

A German retirement community did a calendar where seniors amazingly re-created famous movie scenes - Via: #interesting

from BuzzFeed

26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

Kids are hilarious.


The Acid Reflux Guy

The Acid Reflux Guy^^^^lol i har acid reflex and it sucks... Oh hey important thing going on today? Oh ok time for heartburn and stomache cramps and make you insides feel as if they are on fire! Yay! I hate it i have it so where i have chronic pain