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  • Baptiste Quinternet

    ... color wheel . This color chart came from http://www.paper-leaf .com

  • Jackie Flynt

    Color Theory Quick Reference Poster | It’s always good to be able to articulate design choices to your clients; why you put something where, why you chose the color scheme you did, etc. This knowledge is one of the biggest differences between a designer and a non-designer.

  • Mitch Moore

    Color Theory - Quick Reference Guide for Designers: The graphic contains info on: the basic color wheel passive vs. active colors cool vs. warm colors subtractive vs. additive color color types color relationships meanings attached to colors basic terms pertaining to color.

  • Sonia Hogan

    Colour Theory - Quick Reference Sheet for Designers #colour #theory

  • Mike Larkin

    Color Theory Quick Reference Poster | Paper Leaf Design | Edmonton Web Design + Graphic Design

  • Jon Jakobsson

    A quick reference guide, or cheat sheet, for the basics of color theory.

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