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The Cardinal Wolsey page from Historic Royal Palaces / Hampton Court

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Cardinal Wolsey

Cardinal Wolsey and Sir Thomas More (Original) art by Ron Embleton

The Wolsey Closet at Hampton Court Palace.

Cardinal Wolsey Entertaining The French Ambassadors In Hampton Court Palace. From History Of Hampton Court Palace In Tudor Times By Ernest Law. Published London 1885.

The art of being a Scots queen

Mary Queen of Scots: Three marriages, three dead husbands, intrigue, plotting and murder.

Hampton Court Cardinal Wolsey Heraldry

Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond-In this illustration from the Black Book of the Garter dating from about 1534,Fitzroy can be seen to the far right of the picture taking part in a Garter procession while his father, Henry VIII as the head of the chivalric Order of the Garter, brings up the rear. Fitzroy’s cloak bears his own coat of arms, incorporating the royal lions and fleurs-de-lis.