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    20 Household Uses for Used (Yes, Used) Dryer Sheets

    No joke. We received this the other day in our mailbox and had to share. While our used dryer sheets have often, unexpectedly, freshened our garbage can, we thought that was the extent of their usefulness. Looks like we were wrong. Here are 20 other ways they can be put to good use, after they've ta...
    • K-Kode

      20 uses for USED dryer sheets Used on mirror & bathroom fixtures -worked great!-k - love the trick with the vacuum cleaner

    • Stephanie Hazan

      23 Tips You Should Learn About Dryer Sheets going to have to try the mosquito one

    • Terri Baur

      Love these handy helpful hints

    • Sara.

      25 Uses for used #DryerSheets-- (

    • Jo

      Tons of home remedy tips and tricks- Really awesome ideas!

    • Rachel Schintz

      Put a fabric softener sheet in your pocket to keep the mosquitoes away!

    • Kalie Heideman

      20 uses for USED dryer sheets - love the trick with the vacuum cleaner ;o) cleaning shouldn't be smelly! There are SO many tips and tricks on this sight- not just with dryer sheets!

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    Why do we use a whole drawer for this, when OBVIOUSLY this is a far superior way of storage?

    Mix 1/2 c. vinegar & 1/4 c. olive oil in a spray bottle. May add orange peels or essential oil for nice fragrance.

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    Summer time feet- 1. Put shaving cream on your feet. 2. In a bucket/sink, combine equal parts warm water & Listerine. 3. Soak a hand towel in the Listerine solution. 4. While shaving cream is still on feet wrap the towel around your feet & let sit for 30 min. 5. After 30 min., use towel to rub calloused/dead skin off your feet. 6. Apply a healthy amount of lotion.

    Packing and moving Tips ;) genius! Never know when you will need this!

    How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this!!

    Good reminder

    how to pack clothes for moving. Will need this again

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    Worth trying next time.....

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