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    Stewart Indian School, Stewart, Nevada. Atrocities galore went on when the school opened up. Young Native Americans were yanked from their tribes, sent here, and most were never seen or heard from again. Abuse and sickness were the cause of many children’s deaths. Numerous ghostly apparitions, cold spots, doors slamming and screaming inside boarded up structures have been documented for decades. Many pictures taken of the buildings at night show phantom children looking out the windows.

    The Bell Farm - Adams, Tennessee, USA The Bell Farm has been made notorious through books, TV specials and movies. Most recently the events at this small Tennessee farm were dramatized in the 2005 movie An American Haunting. The story behind the Bell Farm haunting is so notable and recognized because it is said to be the only documented account in paranormal history when a ghost caused the death of a living person.

    Nevada Indian legend of 12 foot red-haired giants that lived in the area when they arrived. The story has the Native American's killing off the giants at a cave. Excavations of guano in 1911 turned up this human jaw. Here it is compared to a casting of a normal man's jawbone. In 1931 two skeletons were found in a lake bed. One was 8' tall, the other just under 10' tall.

    Glenmore House in Belleville, Ontario, Canada was built in 1833, was home to two familiesand then donated to the city in 1971. Since then, people report seeing apparitions of a soldier and two children wandering the house and grounds, a piano plays on its own, phantom footsteps are often heard. The most curious thing is that doors open & close by themselves, sometimes refusing to open where there is no lock to hold them closed.

    The people who took this photo didn't see the apparition? until the photo was developed - but they knew something was spooking the deer!

    The ghosts here are numerous. In a small room at the rear of the house a pile of baby skeletons was found, supposedly the victims of some inept doctor; today, babies can be heard crying the walls. There was a mass murder when some of the Nazis were machine gunned to death in a political dispute; their discussions can be heard throughout the house. There are rumors of an axe murder in the front tower room, the victim of which is occasionally seen standing in the window. The secret passageways aro

    These are actual tiny child handcuffs used by the U.S. government to restrain captured Native American children and drag them away from their families to send them to the Indian boarding schools where their identities, cultures and their rights to speak their Native languages were forcefully stripped away from them.

    Haunted Highway 666 - there are many stories that surround this highway from vindictive cars and trucks to evil human and animal spirits. Some attribute the activity to the number assigned to the highway while others say that it was built over a Native American burial ground. In any case, Highway 666 is considered one of the most haunted highways in America.

    Hell House - St Mary's College The Truth, myths & facts Others have seen or heard of the mysterious old staircase leading up from the road and back into the woods. Few people know the real story behind this structures, though. The building is what remains of St. Mary's College, a seminary for young men joining a Roman Catholic religious order known as the Redemptorists. The college operated at that site for over a century.

    Haunted Lake Shanee Amusement Park - Princeton, West Virginia. It was initially opened in 1926, but closed in 1966 after the accidental deaths of a couple of kids. It was reopened in 1985 then again closed in 1988. Paranormal activity includes disembodied voices, Native American chanting, unexplained sounds and some of the long abandoned rides will move on their own. There is also said to be a full-bodied apparition of a man in one of the Ferris Wheel cars.

    Trans-Allegheny Morgue  There have been numerous hauntings in this particular haunted hospital. Many have said that they have seen individuals walking in the corridors and standing in various locations in the facility. Then, there are the cases of spirits who seem to be screaming in pain.

    Congelier House possesses a tragic history, starting with a double homicide in 1871 and ending in 1901 with the discovery of several female corpses. Because of the reported paranormal activity, Edison was inspired to create a device to speak with the dead, though the research was never finished due to his own death. Unfortunately the house was destroyed in a gas explosion, but the land it sat upon is rumored to be a hot spot of continued paranormal activity.

    Griggs Mansion - built in 1883 - numerous apparitions reported including those of a young maid, who hung herself in 1915 (one of the stronger presences), a gardener and a child (among others). Also reported are opening windows that are nailed shut, footfalls, coughing noises, opening and closing doors moving objects and much more. It once served as an art school, but is now privately owned and not open to the public.

    The Screaming Bridge

    Lincoln Park in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts - opened in 1894 and closed by 1986 for the number of deaths and accidents they had regularly - apparitions of former patrons and workers are reported through the abandoned and burned-out areas - cries and screams are heard, both terrified and fun-loving sounds are reported - carnival music wafts through the air periodically - people report being touched, seeing light anomalies, high number of batteries draining here

    Taken in 1979 in the home of a guitarist who killed himself. The photo was taken six months after the death.

    The Smurl family: these unfortunates were the target of what I think can reasonably be called one of the most frightening hauntings in history. Article

    Clovis Wolfe Manor - there is a lot of uncomfortable history surrounding this house and many reports of paranormal activity from disembodied screams to cold spots, from a heavy atmosphere to moving furniture. Just how much is real and how much is embellished is unknown, but one thing is for certain...this is one creepy house!!!

    Alameda Insane Asylum - Outside of stories of rampant abuse and numerous suicides, not a lot is known about the old asylum, only that it's approx. 100 yrs old and has been abandoned for some time. There are, however, many ghost stories involving the old hospital and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in California. Reported paranormal activity includes, loud screams, the feeling of being watched and stood over, a variety apparitions and curtains opening and closing on their own.

    Demons Alley, NJ - One man murdered everyone on the block THE DEMONS ALLEY LEGEND I had always heard this spot was being preserved for some historical reasons, however recently I had brought a friend of mine who is a well-known photographer, and he was very impressed. He went back on his own to shoot some pictures, and the cameras shutter would not open (and there was nothing wrong with it). His cameras inability to work when photographing the houses made him stop