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  • Mervin Gottlieb

    40 Seriously Funny Print Ads #funny commercial

  • Milton Frois

    12. Kaya King Jumbo Peanuts I laughed out loud when I saw this ad. Thanks to computers we can even make elephants do the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

  • Com_FM

    Kaga King - Jumbo Peanuts - Advert & Animals

  • Scarlett Crona

    Kayak's Jumbo peanuts. Pretty smart, but I hope this doesn't happen in real life for humans #interesting ads #funny commercial|

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I really like this ad because you can understand what they're trying to get at for the audience. It is very creative.

Very simple and direct art direction. The viewer has only to focus on the piece of furniture, when upon close inspection, has an impossible configuration. The punchline is revealed cleverly in the web url.

Smart marketing copy set the tone for other watch companies to follow, forever changing the tone on how watches were sold, placed and marketed.

Orange Elephant - to go with my Oxford orange elephant!

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