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Snowdrift Snowdrift crabapple. 15 x 15. Dark green foilage, orange-red 3/8" diameter fruit, single expanding pink buds that open in an abundant white bloom in spring. Good vigorous grower.

Red Jade crabapple tree in bloom in the spring. Weeping 15', pink buds open white. Glossy red 1/2" diameter fruit that birds like.

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21 Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Pretty croucus blooms in pink, purple, yellow, or white in early spring. More early-season flowers:

Rich burgundy red ranunculus flower by Clive Nichols. Red is Red and Black is Black........not forgotten by The Lady In Red

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Top Garden Trends for 2013

Espalier trees. I would love to hide a length of cinder block wall with a "orchard" of espaliered fruit trees.

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Ready To Bloom Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Beth Akerman

Klems Crabapple, 20 x 25. Has sparse green 1" fruit but flowers a double pink, fragrant flower 2" diameter in spring. Strong grower.

Bartlett Pear Tree, 15 x 15. #1 pear in the world with juicy white flesh. This delicious large pear has a round bell shape on the bottom and a short neck on the top half. Bartlett is a self-fertile variety however it produces much better when planted with a partner. These famous fruits ripen in August. Amazing spring white bloom. Fruit trees need a minimum of 6-8 hours sunlight daily, and need water. They are not drought tolerant.