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7 pages of notes and guided examples teaching how to find prime factorization and then use it to find GCF and LCM. Great for a math notebook or a stand alone lesson.

The cake method...BEST way to teach GCF, LCM, and simplifying fractions!!! Check it out - your kids will LOVE it!

Here's a foldable on the steps for solving one-step equations.

Middle School Math Madness!: Beginning Your Interactive Notebook

Here's a fabulous post with all kinds of math notebook ideas/entries.

Measurement. Would be a good entry to add to math notebook too. | best stuff

Whether you call them math notebooks or math journals, writing about math and documenting math activities are a great way to cement mathematical...

Love this website for teachers

Math Notebook Ideas

interactive math notebook - love this site! It shows quick tricks the kids can use to find division answers for large numbers (3-digit by 1 digit).

one of my favorite examples of an interactive Math notebook dandelions and dragonflies: Interactively Math!

Measurement and Math Notebook ideas

Math = Love: Trig Interactive Notebook Pages for Unit 1: Algebra and Geometry Review

Middle School Math Madness!: Vocabulary in the Interactive Notebook

This foldable organzes the rules, steps, and examples for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. A detailed answer key and steps for putting together the foldable have been provided. Please view the preview to get a better idea of the content, including the examples, that are included.

nice visual for those who confuse LCM and GCF

A whole unit to teach fractions, including anchor charts, notebook ideas, lesson plans, and assessments.

Interactive Math Notebook Ideas - Prime/Composite Numbers, Exponents, Factor Trees, GCF

This graphic organizer may be used as an informal pre-assessment, class practice, buddy activity, math notebook notes, or individual note taking for the Real Number System. The task includes a number "Sprinkles" bank. Directions: Students will first 'Sprinkle" the numbers on the ice cream scoops in order to classify irrational numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers, integers, and natural numbers.