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Teaching theme lessons, task cards and posters for 3rd-5th grade depending on your intentions!

GCF and LCM givaway - This packet includes 2 great simple lessons to introduce and explain the topic of gcf and lcm. It also has great motivations, activities, worksheet and wall diagram.. A GIVEAWAY promotion for Prime Factorization - GCF - LCM from Miss Bee's Educational Shop on (ends on 12-9-2013)

Types of Angles Foldable - great for interactive math notebooks, to send home as a study guide, or for note taking in class.

Teaching GCF using the ladder method. The sticky notes are for the prime factors that the students divide by each time. To find the GCF the students have to multiply the numbers on the sticky notes. They loved it and thought it was so easy!

Proper and Common Nouns worksheets and Answer Key: This 2 page document is a practice for finding proper and common nouns of sentences, with an answer key for your reference. Great for reviewing, ready to print and pass out. Need a PowerPoint lesson for teaching these skills? Check out my store for several grammar mini lessons and activities! Grades 6-12. $

Mrs-Bs-Best Shop -Finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM) Pack | Teachers Notebook

A structured approach to teaching surface area can make it so much easier for students to understand! These materials lend themselves to use in interactive notebooks. These foldable notes, examples, and practice problems feature a structured step by step format to guide student thinking as they calculate the surface area of each figure. Students will find the surface areas of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres.

Interactive Math Notebook Ideas - Prime/Composite Numbers, Exponents, Factor Trees, GCF