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    PLEASE TAKE ONE~ Easy, fun way to spread a little happiness. Post these all around your school!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings: A Peek at My Week {2-09-14}

    This is one thing I miss about teaching...oh the fun things you can do with math :)

    Football brainteaser. Not much math but a quick little logic visual-spatial logic puzzle to have fun with.

    Love these math-themed cartoons...of puns!

    Math - The Only Subject That Counts

    Quick tricks- How to save some of the calculators you thought were dead!

    Fantasy Football! ... I like this activity because it is math-loaded. Kids like this activity because it is sports!

    Decimals Order of Operations Trashketball involves students solving order of operation problems with decimals and shooting baskets at the end of each round. There are 4 rounds in this game with 10 questions in each round. $ gr 5-7

    Are you a stacker like me? Need a new method of organization for your classroom? Check this out!

    Have fun TREATing your students to puzzles in math class! The only TRICK is that they will have fun practicing their math skills!

    Middle School Math Rules!: #mtboschallenge Week 5: SKUNK and Other Favorite Math Games

    Pinterest: A Baker's Dozen: Boards for Teachers: Pinterest: A Baker's Dozen: Boards for Teachers

    pythagorean theorem converse foldable for a geometry interactive notebook. acute, obtuse, and right triangle flaps are included.

    Make practice more interesting for your algebra students with this worksheet featuring a football riddle! Thirteen questions are incorporated into the activity and students must perform the order of operations carefully to get the correct answers. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSF.IF.A.2

    This product includeds two activities that can be used to study probability area models. The first activity asks students to create a maze from a set of directions. The second activity involves a 10 x 10 grid. Students create a garden based on given plants and dimensions.

    This product includes a page of notes that students can use to create their stem and leaf plots. Students also have an opportunity to complete a guided practice problem involving a back to back stem and leaf plot. Included with the notes and practice problem, there is a station activity with 24 task cards about stem and leaf plots.

    This product includes a page of notes that students can use to construct a box and whisker plot. In addition to the notes, there is a guided practice problem that can be glued into the notebook as well. There are two additional practice pages that can be used in a variety of ways.

    Bell ringer and warm-up exercises

    The dreaded words that send chills down the backs of students and teachers alike... Long Division! What can you do for your students who just don't seem to "get it" using the traditional methods. Visit www.leafandstemle... to read more!

    This product includes two pages of practice problems (14 total problems) on volume of cylinders.

    This product includes two pages of practice problems (13 total problems) on volume of cones

    This product includes eight animal unit rate problems. All of the problems were written as if the animals could run/fly/swim at top speed for extended periods of time. Although in real life, the animals are not able to maintain top speeds for extended periods. Students are asked to predict the animal speeds from slowest to fastest before they begin their calculations. When the task is complete, students determine how close the actual top speeds/hour were to their original prediction.

    This bundle includes resources created for 7th Grade Ratios and Proportional Reasoning. The bundle includes worksheets, activities, vocabulary exercises and assessments.

    Five integer math centers cover a range of introductory skills students need to master integer operations. These games and activities are designed for students to practice modeling with algebra tiles, number lines, and tables, vocabulary development, and problem solving skills for integers!