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Rob Bokkon
Rob Bokkon • 3 years ago


  • Patti Durazo
    Patti Durazo • 3 years ago

    I agree with Kinley!. Goshh...

  • Veronica Reyna
    Veronica Reyna • 3 years ago


  • Travis Fritsch
    Travis Fritsch • 2 years ago

    Too bad usama isn't dead and gadaffi didn't need to be toppled or at least we shouldn't have interfered and he didn't prevent a great depression because if we keep printing money like we are we will end up in something worse than a depression

  • Shelley Spence
    Shelley Spence • 2 years ago

    Got y'all fooled. Think that was his goal. Good luck.

  • Mary Kate Munro
    Mary Kate Munro • 2 years ago

    He has also allowed the murder of millions of innocent lives, created class warfare, and implimented Obamacare. All horrible acts that is running this country into the ground. Also the fact that some of you people are bashing Fox news is funny due to the fact that it's the only news station that represents both sides although it does lean to the right. ROMNEY 2012!

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