• Elizabeth

    This is my first tattoo. I wanted something simple but something meaningful. My tattoo says “Ku’uipo Anela O’Kalani” in Hawaiian it means “Sweetheart Angel Of Heaven” Ku’uipo Anela O’Kalani was the name of my first halau i joined when i was 4. Ever since i started to dance, i have fallen in love with the culture and dancing has become who i am today. I’ve been dancing my whole life. My kumu (Hula Teacher) gave me the blessing and said she was proud of me. I love my kumu so much and i’m so grateful she was was my kumu. I love hula and tahitian because of this woman and i’m reminded everyday to stay humble and continue to dance for God.

  • Tammy Naki

    Shoulder tattoo: Ku’uipo Anela O’Kalani

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