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    Mayor McCheese Plastic Hand Puppet (we didn't have Happy Meals when I was little but we did get these)

    Powder with the fluffy puff - I miss these.

    I remember stealing one of these and mom catching me and making me tell the store manager and that I was sorry.... never stole again! Lesson learned.... I was 9 I think.

    Do you remember these from the grocery bulk candy? used to love these!

    Once Upon a Product: Brach's candy cart

    Baby Crissy - One of my favorite dolls. You pulled a string on her back to make her hair short, and pulled her hair to make it long again.

    Do you remember when these were on every rooftop growing up?

    !970’s Wall Phone

    Feathered hair

    Remember glass soda bottles with styrofoam labels?

    Certs. My aunt used to always have these in her purse

    Show your kids this... this is what TV's used to look like at 1am.

    Loved this one...

    50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again

    Cornbread And Milk - My granddaddy use to have this.

    Tablets they gave you in school, to show children where plaque is!

    Remember Holly Hobby Dolls...

    The smell of sea breeze

    I had these at my grandmas house.

    Vintage Christmas tree icicles...and you had to hang them one at a time! We used these every year (always had a live tree) and we'd find them all over the house months later!


    Slush Puppie!

    Old school label maker. Got one for Christmas one year and Dymo labeled everything!

    Avon lip gloss - Tutti Frutti