String and glue ornaments

So simple, and so perfect.


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almond bird ornaments

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Натхнення від SKRYNYA.UA — Handmade ярмарок України

String Ornaments - add a red or silver jingle bell in the balloon. Wind string around a balloon, cover with fabric stiffener, dry and then pop the balloon.

DIY String Ornaments!! use twine or bracelt/crft string, soak in white craft glue mixed with just a little bit of water, wrap string around various sized balloons, let sit for 24 hours (until glue is dry) and then pop and remove the balloon! hang with festive hooks or ribbons

Clear ornament, artificial snow, and paint pens. Cute and easy!

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So-Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments

DIY Ornaments

Penguin Ornament

DIY Glue Snowflakes by factorydirectcraft: Great for kids on a cold winter day. School glue + glitter! #Snowflake #Crafts #Kids #Glue_Snowflakes #factorydirectcraft

Tutorial: Sparkly Clay Christmas Ornaments

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DIY ornament

Love a white Christmas .