Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries! Only 5 ingredients and 3 steps! No oven needed! I have got to try these!!

cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Preheat oven to 350; smoosh 1.5 squares of break-apart refrigerated cookie dough into the bottom of each well. Place Reese cup upside down on top of cookie dough (or an Oreo!). Top with prepared box brownie mix, filling 3/4 full. Bake for 18 minutes! HEAVEN.

Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries!

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies

Homemade strawberry lemonade, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. No processed sugar!

Cherry Cheesecake Dip

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries - 16 Finger Food Ideas for Kids | GleamItUp

Oh no they didn't!! Reese’s Bottom Cheesecake! This is a no-bake recipe

Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls; 7.16.2013: Made these from traditional sweet roll dough from bread machine and strawberry jam. Messy to roll; bake as regular sweet rolls; topped them with cream cheese frosting with warmed strawberry jam stirred in; next time consider frosting and then drizzling with jam. ~Karyn

Caramel Apple Bites.

Mini Cherry Cheesecake Trifles-Make them fancy or use plastic cups for a fun outdoor party.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

strawberry cheesecake bites

buffalo chicken bites. Football snacks :)

Easy cinnamon sugar donuts

If you love cheesecake, you are going to be ga-ga for this 'healthy' cheesecake recipe made with...yogurt!

Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries from @Jamie Wise Wise Cooks It Up!

weight watchers cherry cheesecakes

Cooking Classy: Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites

Red Velvet Cheesecake