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    We all had this barbie... I had all of em... Think they were 5 bucks.

    Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!

    I remember this. Mom would use this to tell us just how long we could stay on the phone because of our party line.

    OMG! remember these? I had a billion of them to wear with my slouch socks, stirup pants, Keds, and an oversized Button My Fly T-Shirt....FLASHBACK

    Vintage Barbie accessories--loved those white boots... Had to have the white boots...my kid sister chewed off Barbie's feet...the boots were the only way she would stand up after that! ~JentheFunHen

    1983-xx-xx Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog P508 - Snoopy

    Barbie Hollywood Hair. Between my sister and myself we had an entire town with every store possible so many cars and I think just about every barbie... Spoiled!!!! Brittany!!!!!! ♥

    Barbie Glitter Beach. Every 80s Barbie has a ton of blue eyeshadow on!! Jus' saying. Had this Barbie. :)

    Little Mermaid sleeping bag..woooah~~ i had this!!

    Glitter hair barbie by illina86, via Flickr