Piggy In Boots...this is hilarious!

It's a piglet. Eating ice cream. Under a teeny umbrella.

You get back here and take your bath, mister! Adorable chimp, baby, bathtime

piggies :)


Happy piggy

3 little piggies! So stinkin' cute! I want to have a teacup micropig one day. They are too precious!

I am Puss in Boots.

Pigs love burgers - who knew?

splatter paint pigs

5 Cutest Kittens You will Ever See: Cats, Animals, Sleepy Kitty, Cat Nap, Pets, Funny, Adorable, Things, Kittens

I just think baby pigs are the cutest things ever! When I was little we had five baby piglets. Timothy was one of my favorite pets I've ever had. I still cry when I think about him sometimes...I know, I'm hopeless

Piggy cuddling with his piggy

Love this little chipmunk's umbrella!

Micro-Piglet + a strawberry


lil piggy