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Worth the 56 seconds. Lol this happens with my hamster all the time!!! | See more funny and cute pet videos here http://gwyl.io/

WATCH: 2 Hamsters, 1 Wheel

this is seriously the funniest thing you will ever watch. take the 57 seconds to watch it, you won't regret it. I never laugh at funny videos but I could not stop laughing at this on!

this is the best thing ever considering im in band and im the president of Hamstoriya (long story)

this is the best thing ever considering im in band and im the president of Hamstoriya (long story)

LOL! And then my daughter says "I think the dog wants inside!" <3 her!

Funny pictures about My friend's husky is special. Oh, and cool pics about My friend's husky is special. Also, My friend's husky is special.

Gotta get a meal whereever you can

Sorry if I blow up the internet... but hes just so dang cute :)

Chicken is a delightful Russian Dwarf hamster. His human decided it would be a lot of fun to make him a picnic and include a hamster-friendly slice of pizza.

A Tiny Hamster Eats A Tiny Pizza And I’m A HUGE Fan!

Inspired by the tiny hamster eating tiny burrito video that went viral, here is Chicken the hamster, eating a tiny pizza. She is a one year old, Russian dwarf hamster. She is super sweet and the be.

Even a mouseaphobe like me can't not think this is cute. Ok..it's a hamster not a mouse..but still they are kind of mouse-ish! But cute!!!

Sleeping Baby Hamster Roborovski hamsters (Phodopus roborovskii) are the the.

Have you seen anything cuter?

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Happy birthday hamster.

Hamster birthday Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to me and the most adorable cute little hampsstterrrr! Happy birthday to us ;D So cute xoxo

Living with #Togar the #lion ... www.justdwl.net

In actress Tippi Hedren ("The Birds"), established the Shambala Preserve in California’s Mojave Desert, a wildlife sanctuary for lions and tigers. This lions name is Togar. He was brought to the sanctuary but had never been around any other lions.

so what im hearing is i can have a squarl for a BFF.

A soldier and his squirrel. The soldier found a weak baby squirrel, nursed it back to life. Now the guy left the service, works as a taxi driver, and the squirrel is always in his pocket no matter where he goes! a-soldier-and-his-squirrel.