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    • Barb Smith

      Circa 1790 Gold Mourning Ring with Black Enamel Lilies.

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    Victorian mourning brooch, human hair

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    Mourning Ring

    Marie Antoinette: A Lock of the Queen's Hair

    "In memory of my beloved child" To commemorate the passing of Thomas Cooper Hawkins who died January 3, 1824 at 3 years of age.....on the front center is the little boy's hair.

    The history of the tear bottle is captivating and poignant. Legends of tear bottles or lachrymatories abound in stories of Egypt and middle eastern societies. Tear bottles were prevalent in ancient Roman times, when mourners filled small glass vials with tears and placed them in burial tombs as symbols of love and respect.

    French Neoclassical Sepia/Hair Mourning Ring

    Hairwork Bracelet

    Victorian heart mourning ribbons ~ From the estate of Joan Munkacsi

    “Rest In Peace” – An 18th Century Mourning Pendant.

    Late Victorian gold onyx memorial bangle, from Queen Victoria upon the passing her Great Aunt Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge

    beautiful unobvious memorial tattoos....sound waves of a mother's last voicemail to her son

    mourning ring

    1703 British Pendant at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "This intricate jewel is in the form of a coffin which opens to reveal a panel of woven hair, initials, and an enamelled skull. It is an unflinching reminder of man's mortality while specifically commemorating the death of a particular individual, the now unknown PB. Such graphic imagery was a widely accepted part of the rituals surrounding death in the years around 1700."

    Death & Gravestone Symbolism - Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics

    I have to say this is one of the beautiful post Mortem photos I have seen yet. Photo by Alice M. Boughton, ~ 1910... The woman on the left is deceased while the woman on the right looks to be holding her. They look to be sisters. This is a beautiful picture though.

    Mourning pin

    Mourning locket, enamelled gold set with plaited hair, England, circa 1810

    Superb Georgian Sepia Mourning Hair Miniature Two Hearts Aflame Under Coronet | eBay, sold for £321.21

    Victorian tear catchers...morbid but strangely cool

    Rare Victorian, Lockets Pendants, Victorian 15Ct, Memento Mori, Art Inside, Hair Art, 15Ct Gold, Gold Mourning, Mourning Lockets

    This enamelled gold mourning ring commemorates the death of Samuel Nicholets of Hertfordshire who died on 7th July 1661, as is recorded in the inscription inside the ring. The ring is hollow, and a lock of hair curls around within it, visible through the openwork of the enamelled decoration of skulls and coats of arms.”

    In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the practice of bequeathing rings belonging to the deceased to friends and family was gradually replaced by the custom of leaving a sum of money to buy commemorative and mourning rings. Later in the seventeenth century, rings were distributed at the funeral service to be worn in memory of the deceased. 'Memento mori' (remember you must die) inscriptions and devices such as hourglasses, skulls, crossbones and skeletons became fashionable on many types of

    French "Belle D'Amour" hair locket c. 1800