• Barbara Bowers

    Honey Strawberry Jam (and a lesson on canning) - I'm canning my second batch today; hopefully enough for the year. Excellent, easy, healthy recipe!

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Best dill recipe for all the extra cucumbers in the garden. Easy, cheap and taste great!

Slow Cooker Peach Jam Recipe. Only 4 ingredients and half the sugar of store-bought jams and traditional homemade recipes.

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♥ recipe for canning fresh blueberries with lavender and vanilla bean "simple~syrup" ♥ Mmmm! ♥ btw, when you see a recipe that calls for a sweet "simple syrup," it just means it's a mixture that's 1/2 water & 1/2 sugar.

Grandma's Dill Pickle Cucumber recipe! Soo good :)

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This is a guide about growing melons. Melons are a good inclusion in the home garden.

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